Coup de Grâce

This collection explores classic notions of femininity, showcasing a fairytale magic romantic dream. The theme of vanity, power, and privilege is represented through the use of lavish, beautiful, and seemingly unattainable designs. The collection offers a break from the fast-paced world of technology, functionalism, and globalization, presenting escapist clothing for those seeking a romantic and dream-like escape.

The color palette ranges from purpur to saffron, with intricate details such as embroidered pearls, shells, and gems adorning each garment. The craftsmanship in the collection is a nod to traditional techniques, with a modern twist. The naked but strong aesthetic showcases the beauty of the female form, without the need for excessive coverage or protection. The absence of black as a shield represents the courage to embrace vulnerability, and the confidence to present oneself in a bold and unapologetic manner. This collection is a celebration of femininity and the power of fairytale magic.